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    Colored Pants

    Yellow Pants White Top 8

    Hello Loves,

    How have you been? Today I wanted to post about styling colored pants for the fall. I am all about wearing colored shorts during the summer and when it gets colder during the fall, I just replace it with pants. It makes me feel warm while still looking chic and fun. I took these pictures at the beautiful Pena Palace in Sintra. Here is the link to my full travel post on Portugal.

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    Harem Pants and Graphic Tee

    Harem Pants 9

    Hello Bellas,

    Hope you all had a fun Halloween. The bay area is finally getting a tad bit cooler. Ofcourse, nothing compared to the east coast. So disclaimer – my fall outfits cater to the weather here ;). Today I am posting about this super comfy and chic outfit which is perfect for the Californian fall. So enjoy reading and have a great weekend πŸ™‚

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    Palazzo Pants

    Palazzo Pants 19

    Ola Chicas,
    Hope you all are having a fabulous week. Looks like California is slowly transitioning into fall, its still quite warm here. So today, I am posting about these sexy Palazzo Pants which work as a great outfit for the Californian fall. I adore these pants as they are very comfortable and the high slit makes it look super sexy and chic. The fabric of these pants is quite breathable as well, so it won’t make you hot during those warm afternoons and you can always replace the denim vest with a denim jacket in the evenings to stay warm.
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    Floral Pants

    Floral Pants 4

    Hello gorgeous ladies,

    My today’s post is about these soft and silky floral pants I brought from Zara. Floral Pants, Palazzo Pants, Harem Pants, basically all kinds of pants are soΒ  “in” this season. The ones I am wearing in this picture end at my ankle and fit like a glove. I am a big fan of floral pants as they look really fun and hep and the fabric is usually very light making it a perfect for summer or spring.