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    Tips on Styling Florals for Winter

    Floral Skirt 2

    Hello Loves,

    It’s been a white since I’ve written a blog post. I’ve been quite busy lately cause of all my pre-holiday shopping and preparing for my next trip ;). Today I wanted to post about styling Florals for winter. Luckily, I live in Northern California where the weather is cold, but not biting cold like the east coast. Which still allows me to go around with light stockings and a light jacket in winter and be fine. If I was styling this outfit for the east coast weather , I would add some warm tights, leg warmers, boots and a chic coat on top of this.

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    How to Style Kimonos

    Purple Dress Colorful Kimono 2

    Hello Loves,

    Hope you’re all having a great week and fun transition into fall. Today I wanted to post about this summery dress that I wore on my trip to LA. To pump up the look I decided to style it with a floral kimono and some fun sandals. Scroll down below for all pictures and styling tips 🙂

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    Styling a Two-Piece Dress

    Sammydress 1

    Hello loves,

    Hope you all are having a great week. I had the chance to collab with SammyDress and boy do I love the collection on their website. I selected this very feminine and pretty 2 piece crop top and midi dress and I absolutely loved it. The best part is I can wear both the pieces together or separately with different tops and bottoms making it very versatile.

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    Florals and Polka Dots

    Florals and Polka Dots 5Hello My Lovelies,

    Happy new year and hope you had a good time. I had a blast in Costa Rica and I’m super excited to post about my travel expeditions. Really happy to be back to home though. I’ve missed my bed and wardrobe. So today I wanted to post about this cute floral dress I wore with polka dotted tights and boots. I also wanted to post about my collab with AIBI Watches. I wear it with so many outfits and it goes really well with everything.

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    Florals for Fall

    Floral Bell Sleeved Top 6

    Hello Beautiful People,

    Today I wanted to post about this cute floral outfit I wore over the weekend and about my collab with Jamberry nails. Since the bay area is still not that cold yet, it gives me a chance to wear off shoulders and light fabrics without freezing to death :). It was really tough getting good shots at this hour, as it was already getting dark. Piece of advice – take pictures before or during the golden hour, not after it.

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    Floral Light Pink Dress

    Floral Light Pink Dress 5

    Bonjour Pretty Ladies,

    Today I wanted to write a blog-post on this pretty light pink dress that I wore on my trip to Canada. I loved the views from this beautiful castle (La Citadelle De Quebec) in the heart of Quebec City. They have some gorgeous views of the city from here. It was a hot day in Quebec when we visited. The huge white floppy hat protected me from the sun while looking really elegant and sophisticated with this outfit. Made me feel very “Kate Middleton” minus the awesome hair and the sapphire ring 😉

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    Floral and Stripes

    Florals and Stripes 4

    Hello Lovelies,


    Hope you all are having a great summer. I have been insanely busy at work and unable to post anything past couple of weeks. But well that’s the life of an engineer. We work hard and party harder :).  I am heading to Quebec City (French Country) for the long weekend and I am super excited for that trip. In fact, I’ve already started planning all my outfits. What are you doing over the long weekend?
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    Floral Pants

    Floral Pants 4

    Hello gorgeous ladies,

    My today’s post is about these soft and silky floral pants I brought from Zara. Floral Pants, Palazzo Pants, Harem Pants, basically all kinds of pants are so  “in” this season. The ones I am wearing in this picture end at my ankle and fit like a glove. I am a big fan of floral pants as they look really fun and hep and the fabric is usually very light making it a perfect for summer or spring.