Thailand in 9 Days

Krabi 2

Hello there my fellow travelers,

I went to this beautiful country 2 years ago and I loved every part of it. Since it was a family vacation, I didn’t have a very aggressive itinerary. You can read my blog post on 3 Days in Bangkok which has details about things to do there. For the rest of my Thailand trip read along.

Couple of tips:

  • Bargaining is quite common in Thailand. Make sure you check with a number of places before booking your activities.
  • You can always book “things to do” once you reach Thailand than doing it online as it turns out to be cheaper.
  • Carry your own bottled water. The country is very hot and humid.
  • Carry lot of sunscreen and a floppy hat. The sun can be very strong.

Krabi    Krabi 3

I stayed here for 2 days.

Day 1

Krabi 4

Krabi 1

Drove here from Bangkok and reached by noon. Pretty much explored the town and hung around in restaurants in bars. This town totally reminds me of Key West. It’s a small beach town with cute bars and restaurants. Towards the end of the strip there is a small beach.

Day 2

Phuket 10
At the James Bond Island
Krabi 6
Kayaking through the caves

I took the Aa Nang and the 4 island tour on day 2. This was so much fun. They basically pick you up from the hotel in a shuttle and take you to the beach from where you’re put on a speedboat to go to the Islands. The scenery on the way is breathtaking. They stopped at one of the Islands for a buffet lunch and then we went snorkeling after. My favourite part of this tour was kayaking inside the caves. This was a very unique experience.


Phuket 8Phuket 7I stayed here for 2 days as well. This is a fun beach town. Pretty much all I did here was hang on the beach, eat, walk around. It was extremely hot when I was visiting and I do recommend staying hydrated at all times to deal with the heat. The beach here is called Patong beach and was full of tourists like myself. There are a bunch of small cafe’s and bars to hangout at in Bangla road.

Here are a few more pictures from my trip:

Phuket 2
The infamous fish manicure

Phuket 4

Phuket 5
One of the many bars on Bangla road

Phuket 3

Phuket 1
The most delicious fruits I’ve ever tasted


That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. Do post your comments if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them. Have a great day.





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