Tips on Styling a Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace 5

Hello Fashionista’s,

How are you doing? Today I wanted to post some tips on styling statement necklaces. I did this shoot at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Though the museum itself was closed, it’s a wonderful place to hangout and capture some shots. Anyway, I went here for a photography class and ended up taking some pictures for myself.

I am wearing a very casual outfit – jeans with a olive green top. Since, I wanted to add some chic element to my outfit, I added this statement necklace and a fringe bag to go with it. I love the booties I’ve styled here as they are super comfortable and look really cute for spring. You can wear them with Jeans or Dresses and they look terrific.

Statement Necklace 3

Styling Tip 1: Layered Necklaces – When it comes to statement necklaces, less is more. I generally love to style them with simple and causal tops and dresses. The layered necklace like the kind I am wearing looks great with a simple top of plain colored dress. I’ve styled this with a dark blue sleeveless dress as well and it looks great.

Statement Necklace 9

Statement Necklace 2

Styling Tip 2: Big Chunky Necklaces – These look good with block colors. Wear them with a one tone outfit to keep all the attention on the necklace while looking classy. Look at my post here where I’ve styled a white romper with this gorgeous blue necklace. Also, my post here where I’ve styling a simple pink lace top with a sparkly necklace or if you want to be bold – style your outfit with a big gold necklace like I did with this tunic here.

Statement Necklace 7

Statement Necklace 1

Styling Tip 3: Beach Necklaces: This is where you can play with colors. Remember the color wheel – style warm shades with cool blue tones. In my post here I’ve styled a coral romper with a bright blue necklace. Since these are opposite shades on the color wheel, they blend really well together.

Statement Necklace 8

Statement Necklace 6

So that’s all I have for today. Hope you enjoy reading my post. Until next time ๐Ÿ™‚



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