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Cappadocia 21

Hi All,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I went to Cappadocia with family last December it was something out of this world. I have never seen a place like this – cave hotels, beautiful rock formations, snow covered landscapes, cave hotels and so much more. I stayed at the amazing Gamirasu Cave Hotel and had so much fun there. You can read about it in my blog-post here.

I had a chance to collaborate with Euphrates Tours while visiting Cappadocia and had the most wonderful time there. They are very professional and took good care of me and my family. Our tour guide was really funny and witty and extremely knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend booking them if you plan on visiting Cappadocia. We were in the city for a day and they had the whole itinerary planned for us.

Here is what we did:

1) Hot Air Balloon

Unfortunately, due to the weather (because it was supposed to snow later) our hot air balloon trip was cancelled in the morning. If you are there in the summer or when the weather permits during winter, I would totally suggest you to try it out and see a 360 degree view of Cappadocia from high up in the sky. I was pretty bummed we couldn’t do this since you can capture some terrific shots of the landscapes during the golden hour. Anyhow, there is so much more to do there that we were happy in the end :).

2) Devrent Valley

This place is famous for it’s lunar landscapes. They have a lot of different rock formations (called fairy chimneys) as you can see in the pictures above. It’s like a zoo made by nature.

Cappadocia 1

Cappadocia 5
A huge rock shaped like a duck
Cappadocia 4
Trying to take a creative picture with the fairy chimneys in the background.

Cappadocia 2

2) Pasabag (Monks Valley)

This place has mushroom shaped fairy chimneys – very unique for Cappadocia as well. It’s due to the erosion’s of the rocks during different time periods. It’s said that the “hermits of Cappadocia” distanced themselves from the world by cutting into fairy chimneys rather than living on top of columns. They hollowed out the chimneys from bottom to top creating rooms at 10-15m high. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it..!!

Cappadocia 7

3) Kaymakli Underground City

This is the part I found the most fascinating amongst everything we saw in the entire tour. There are a number of underground cities in Cappadocia, we went to the biggest one. The city was 8 floors deep and only 4 are open to the public. It was amazing how they had constructed everything from baths, rooms with doors, cellars, food and meat storage, animal storage, ventilators etc underground with the ancient tools and technology.

Cappadocia 16
Posing in front of the storage units
Cappadocia 15
The passageway to get to the rooms on either side
Cappadocia 13
A huge stone door was used to close any of the rooms to give each family their privacy. Every family had their own private living room.

4) Avanos and Pottery Making Workshop

This is a river side town and is known as the Mecca for pottery with master potters setting up shop on every corner. We actually went to a pottery making workshop and it was very interesting learning about the whole process. I even had the chance to get a free lesson and try it myself. We brought so many of those pieces and I wish I could just bring their entire store home with me πŸ™‚

Trying my hand at some pottery making.
Cappadocia 11
The beautiful end results.
Cappadocia 12
Aren’t these wall clocks beautiful. I just fell in love with these.

5) Gerome Open Air Museum

Goreme open air museum is a world heritage UNESCO site. It consists of monasteries placed side-by-side, each with its own fantastic church. Most of the cave churches date back to the 11th century and some of them still have the original Byzantine art.

Cappadocia 26
The view from top

Cappadocia 23

6) Carpet Making Workshop

This is another fun thing to see while in Cappadocia. We got a demonstration of silk being spun and seeing the women weaving carpets. It was very interesting knowing that these carpets are intricately woven by hand and some of them even take years to be made.

Cappadocia 30
A Turkish man getting silk out of cocoons.
Cappadocia 28
A traditional Turkish woman hand weaving a carpet
Cappadocia 32
Can you believe this is a hand woven carpet?! I know right.!! There were so many amazing pieces like this in the factory.

7) Turkish Night

This was a lot of fun. It was held inside a hotel, we had dinner and drinks included and there were a number of performances right from belly dancing to a traditional Turkish wedding ceremony. I even got to try my hands at some dance lessons πŸ™‚

Cappadocia 40
The gorgeous belly dancer
Cappadocia 39
More belly dancing
Cappadocia 37
Traditional Turkish wedding ceremony show

Cappadocia 35

Cappadocia 33
Whirling Devshires show

Cappadocia 43

Cappadocia 34

Cappadocia 41

Here are some other pictures I took on the way:

Cappadocia 22
A tree covered with the traditional “Nazar” (evil eye). It’s said that putting this outside your home protects you from evil.
Cappadocia 20
The beautiful fairytale landscape
Cappadocia 17
Love the snow covered landscape.
Cappadocia 25
My mom and me with our amazing tour guide.

Thank you so much Euphrates tour for the amazing introduction to Cappadocia. Can’t wait to visit again. If any of you plan to visit and have any questions, please let me know and I will try my best to answer them :).



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