Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey

Gamirasu 34

Hi There,

I visited Cappadocia (Turkey) with my family last December and I absolutely loved the city. You can read more about “Top things to do in Cappadocia” in my next blogpost. One of the top items in my list was to live in a Cave hotel. I got a chance to collaborate with and live in the Gamirasu Cave Hotel and it was one of the most enthralling and fun experiences of my life. Since I went there with my mom and we had both the king suite and the queen suite to ourselves. The rooms were the size of my house and has amazing facilities, the view was amazing and the hotel in general was very warm and welcoming. The staff at the reception and restaurant was really nice and kind. Overall, we had a wonderful time there and I am hoping to go back one day and spend more time enjoying the hotel itself.

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous rooms:

Queen Suite:

Gamirasu 16
Gorgeous room carved inside of a cave with a beautiful bed and bath
Gamirasu 19
Loved this Turkish Bath
Gamirasu 1
All ready to enjoy my soak. The water actually trickles down from the top like a cascading waterfall πŸ˜€

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better than this, they took me my room (The King Suite) which was bigger than my apartment πŸ˜‰

King Suite:

Gamirasu 7
I wish the picture did justice to how huge and beautiful this room was. Everything was sparkling and you could adjust the lights as per your preference.
Gamirasu 8
Closeup of the huge bed
Gamirasu 9
The living room with a beautiful view of the caves and a fireplace
Gamirasu 10
The Jacuzzi. We loved sitting in here with a glass of wine.
Gamirasu 4
The office
Gamirasu 5
The Turkish bath and here’s the best part, the marble next to it gets heated up and you can lie down there once you are done bathing.
Gamirasu 6
And there’s more.. A sauna in the room πŸ˜€
Gamirasu 11
Gorgeous views from the balcony at night

Restaurant and Bar

Gamirasu 13
You got to have the Raki here
Gamirasu 15
So much fun eating inside a nice warm Cave while its snowy and cold outside
Gamirasu 27
Another fun place to have some Hookah or Turkish Coffee after dinner πŸ™‚
Gamirasu 28
The rooms built into the caves

Here are some more shots of the hotel during daylight:

Gamirasu 36

Gamirasu 39
I totally need to go back here in summer to enjoy the pool with the views..!!
Gamirasu 42
View from the room in the morning. Yes those are actual caves behind me..!!
Gamirasu 43
Enjoying my morning coffee with my mom

Gamirasu 45

Gamirasu 46

Thank you for stopping by and hope you liked my post and the pictures. I would totally recommend staying in the Gamirasu Cave Hotel if you plan on visiting Cappadocia. I will be writing a travel post on Cappadocia very soon where in you can read more about things to do over there. Until then, have a great week.



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