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Hello Pretty Ladies,

Today I wanted to write a blog-post on styling printed jackets for the fall and also on my fun collab with SheInsider. Luckily, Califonia has good weather almost all year round and fall is the perfect chance for me to wear my fun jackets before transitioning into the heavier coats for the winter. So when SheInsider contacted me for a collab, I couldn’t resist ordering this fabulous jacket.

Printed Jacket 19

Printed Jacket 17

I decided to style this with a simple black dress and pink heels. The jacket has so many colors in it already, that I did not want to add more color to my outfit (except my shoes, I love colorful shoes :)).

Styling Tip: You can also wear this sort of a printed jacket with a jumpsuit, jeans or even shorts, a top and stockings. Oh and yes, don’t even get me started on styling this with a midi skirt. That’s going to be my next outfit for date night πŸ˜‰

Printed Jacket 14

Printed Jacket 11

I am carrying a basic Jimmy Choo bag with this outfit to keep the look very classy and elegant.

Printed Jacket 4

Printed Jacket 9

The choker I am wearing is from JustFab. It’s so interesting how fashion comes around in a few years. I remember wearing these as a dorky teenager.

Styling Tip: Add a plain gold necklace along with your choker to look fashionable and cute. Mine came with a necklace and gold beads attached to it.

Printed Jacket 8

Printed Jacket 12

These cute pink shoes are from JustFab. I’ve coordinated all the colors in my outfit in the same family so that nothing looks out of place. I adore these pink shoes from JustFab and I plan to wear them with everything this fall.

Styling Tip: For a quick chic and elegant look, wear jeans with a plain top and add some colorful heels to your outfit. It will immediately ramp up your look without taking too much time πŸ˜‰

Printed Jacket 7

Printed Jacket 5

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Thank you for stopping by.



Shop Here:

  • Jacket: SheIn
  • Dress: Francesca’s Collections (Love this one)
  • Shoes: JustFab
  • Bag: Jimmy Choo (Similar here)
  • Necklace: JustFab (Similar here)
  • Earrings: Rocksbox






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