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White Jumpsuit 5Hola Senoritas,

Today I wanted to post about this jumpsuit I wore on my trip to Budapest. It’s a beautiful city with so much history and culture and I loved exploring it. I am working on a travel post that I will publish soon about all the exciting stuff we did here :).

White Jumpsuit 10

White Jumpsuit 51The fit of this jumpsuit is really good for all body types and it’s nice and airy. The buttons at the back give it a fun 2 piece look and I love the bow at the waist as well.

Style Tip 1: You can style jumpsuits for the fall with chic heels and a fitted jacket or a blazer.

White Jumpsuit 7

White Jumpsuit 8

White Jumpsuit 9

Since the color of the jumpsuit is neutral, I decided to keep the accessories neutral as well. This sweet and simple necklace is from Rocksbox and the gold cuff bracelet is from Francesca’s Collections. Btw, a cuff bracelet is a must have for our accessory collection. It goes very well with a lot of outfits and looks quite elegant. The mustard yellow bag is from Zara. I love wearing colors for all seasons as you must’ve noticed and nevertheless I decided to add a pop of color to this very neutral outfit.

Style Tip 2: In order to look put together and elegant, you can pair a neutral outfit with a colorful accessory.

White Jumpsuit 4

White Jumpsuit 13

White Jumpsuit 12Since I was sticking to neutrals for this outfit, I opted for simple gold sandals which perfectly matched the rest of my accessories. Also, I love braiding my hair. I have been growing them out and they’ve become super long. I wanted to do a fishtail braid for this outfit, but due to lack of time I ended up creating a dutch braid.

Style Tip: play with your hair. Try a fun ponytail, a bun or a chic braid. It’s a great solution for bad hair days and can totally revamp your look.

White Jumpsuit 52

White Jumpsuit 53

White Jumpsuit 54

White Jumpsuit 2

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.



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