Ways to Wear Bright Colors in Summer

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Hello Loves,

Hope you all had a great weekend. The summer weather has been beautiful and if you’re like me you like wearing nice bright pops of color for the summer. White’s aren’t the only thing you can style in summer and today I wanted to write about how you can wear nice bright colors together.

I also wanted to post about my collab with Quinns Collection. This is a San Francisco based company and I love the jewellery collection on their website. They sent me some fun bracelets and necklaces for the collab and I can’t stop wearing them. They even have a summer sale going on right now, so you would totally want to try things from their website πŸ™‚

Red Skirt Blue Top 1

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Red Skirt Blue Top 15

Styling Tip 1: Combine colors with the opposite color family. If you bottoms are red/ pink/ orange then you want your top to contrast with that. Choose something belonging to the blue/green color family and vice versa.

I decided to pair this really fun red skirt with a navy blue top which has some lace on the top and the back. The skirt is a fun exciting color and the subtle top blends in well with the outfit. The quarter sleeves and lace give this outfit a elegant look. However, I broke my own rule and paired this skirt with a Fuschia pink top for Valentine’s day – blog post here. Ofcourse, if you want to look edgy and don’t mind getting out of your comfort zone, you can opt for that look.

Red Skirt Blue Top 11

Red Skirt Blue Top 6

Styling Tip 2: Keep your shoe color neutral but go for a fun style.

Since I am combining 2 bright colors in my outfit, I wanted my shoes to blend in with my skin and hence I opted for these nude lace up flats from JustFab. I loved this shoe as it looks very chic and was very comfortable. I walked in these all day on those cobbled Barcelona streets and my feet felt fine end of the day. I would highly recommend you buy lace up flats for the fall as they look very chic with skirts, jeans and even shorts.

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Red Skirt Blue Top 5

Red Skirt Blue Top 16

Styling Tip 3: Go minimal with the accessories. Let your outfit draw the most attention.

As my tip above says, I went minimal with my accessories as I din’t want too much going on with my outfit. I wore these very pretty and dainty drop earrings from Francesca’s Collections and these fun and colorful pompom bracelet from Quinns Collection. I also tied my hair into a side ponytail and loved how the curls fell together to give it a cute look. I think this is my to go hairstyle to wear with skirts now πŸ™‚

Red Skirt Blue Top 10

Red Skirt Blue Top 13

Red Skirt Blue Top 14

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog-post and are all set to style bright colors this summer and fall. Have a great rest of the week πŸ™‚



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