Valentines Day Outfit

Valentines Day Outfit 1

Bonjour Bellas,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Valentines Day is coming up and it’s extra special for me because it’s my third anniversary as well. So today I wanted to post about this sweet and romantic Valentines Day look in case you are looking for some outfit inspiration for the big day. You can style this look for a daytime outing as well as a dinner. I love the combination of the colors pink and red here. I have kept my jewellery and other accessories minimalistic to keep this a nice sweet look.

Valentines Day Outfit 8

Valentines Day Outfit 7

The skirt I am wearing is from Express. Love this cute lil red skirt and I am planning to wear it with a lot of different tops this summer. It fits well and looks really cute. The silk pink top I am wearing is from Express as well. I love the half golden chain at the front. Again you can wear it in a number of different ways. With a blazer, with jeans and a jacket, with shorts etc.

Valentines Day Outfit 14

Valentines Day Outfit 5

The bag I am carrying is from Aldo. Isn’t it a cute and chic back bag. Goes really well with skirts and dresses. The sandals I am wearing are from Banana Republic.

Valentines Day Outfit 10

Valentines Day Outfit 16

The earrings I am wearing here are from Rocksbox. They have some really cute stuff. Don’t forget to use the code peacheswithpearlsxoxo to get a month for free. The pearl necklace is from Loft. It’s perfect for me as I love simple jewellery and goes well with my work outfits as well.

Valentines Day Outfit 13

Valentines Day Outfit 12

Valentines Day Outfit 17

Valentines Day Outfit 18

Trying to do a lil twirl in my new skirt. Hope you have a fabulous Valentines Day and are able to pick out a fab outfit as well. Eat lots of chocolates and drink lots of wine and celebrate with your loved one. I can’t wait to paint the town red or maybe pink ;).

Lots of Love,


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