Tabacon Hot Springs, Costa Rica

Tabacon 35

Hello Fellow Travelers,

This past month I got the chance to visit the hot springs at the Tabacon Resort. Sitting in the middle of the lush cloud-forest, with a beautiful view of the Arenal volcano, this is one of the most pristine and beautiful places in Costa Rica. They have a number of different hot springs, each designed in a unique way with a different water temperature and mineral content. The ambiance is very natural with trees all around and volcanic rocks and sand at the bottom of the hot springs. The water is naturally heated from the volcano and flows all through the resort.

You can choose to stay at the Tabacon Resort which is right in front of the hot springs with some very luxurious rooms. In that case, visiting the hot springs is free. Else, they have various options for a day pass which includes a full day at the hot springs with an amazing meal. Upon arrival, they give you a locker and a towel. The changing room is well equipped with showers and a water strainer for your wet clothes. Once you are ready, you can walk up to the various hot springs and explore.Β  Everywhere in the resort it looks like heaven on earth. Look at the pictures below for proof πŸ™‚

Tabacon 29
The resort has a number of hot springs, a grand spa, a pool and locker rooms with showers
Tabacon 18
This is one of the first hot springs you come across as you enter. The temperature and water pressure are perfect for relaxing those sore muscles.
Tabacon 23
Me standing on one of the bridges connecting the various hot springs
Tabacon 20
Water flows by gravity forming in-river pools, waterfalls, and cascades throughout the resort
Tabacon 33
Another one of their hot springs if you are looking for some privacy
Tabacon 32
Love the lush green surrounding. Made me feel like I was in a different world
Tabacon 26
You can actually see the steam erupting from the water in this hot spring
Tabacon 27
Have you noticed the size of the leaves here – Amazing
Tabacon 25
Ofcourse I had to snap a picture in this beautiful setting
Tabacon 16
Some of the exotic flowers grown there
Tabacon 15
Walking up to their spa center where you can get some great massages
Tabacon 10
The whole place was so beautiful for clicking pictures
Tabacon 37
The temperature controlled pool with a swim up bar
Tabacon 11
And it has a water slide for the kids and the grown up kids like me πŸ˜‰
Tabacon 2
Nothing like relaxing on the volcanic rocks with the hot water massaging my back and yes you can bring your drinks with you in the hot springs πŸ™‚
Tabacon 43
After we were done it was time for a hot meal at their restaurant – Ave del Paraiso
Tabacon 40
Confused by all the exotic food choices. They had a whole salad bar, chicken cooked in different ways, amazing seafood, a chef cooking live pasta and I finally got to try Tamales
Tabacon 39
And my favorite section – Sweets yum

Tabacon 7

I would highly recommend you to visit the Tabacon Hot Springs if you are in Costa Rica. It’s a different world where you can forget about all your worries and relax in the lap of nature. Thank you for having us as your guests Tabacon, I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.

Pura Vida..!!





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