Imperfectly Poised

Peach Midi Skirt 1

“A girl should be 2 things: Classy and Fabulous”
~ Coco Chanel
The Chanel bag I am carrying in the pictures below was a Christmas gift from my dad – My very own Santa :). It’s a timeless and classic addition to any ensemble. However, like Coco Chanel once said “The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive”. I am still scared to bits about carrying this expensive a bag with me and ruining it. In the 2 years I have owned this bag, I have literally used it only 4 times. So needless to say, my entire outfit in this post is centered around my bag 🙂

I found this gorgeous Vince Camuto midi skirt at Nordstrom. I adore pastels, florals, pinks and sparkles. I spot it and I buy it :). I decided to pair this skirt with a simple Tee I found at Francesca’s Collections which says “Flawless”. And no I am not narcissistic, I just liked the Tee a lot. haha. After all, our flaws are what make us interesting. Like Sarah Jessica Parker said in Sex and the City- “I can never be the perfect woman who wears white and doesn’t spill on it” ;).

 Anyway, sidies aside, I decided to keep my accessories minimalistic. So I wore this pale pink and orange necklace I found at Francesca’s Collections. The sparkly beige earrings I am wearing are from The Limited. I love these black velvet sandals I found at Banana Republic. Since these are wedges they are quite comfortable and look effortlessly chic. Finally, I am wearing my Michael Kors rose gold watch and bracelet and my Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses. So perfect for summer. Hope you liked this look.
 Peach Midi Skirt 2

Peach Midi Skirt 3

Peach Midi Skirt 6

Peach Midi Skirt 7

Peach Midi Skirt 8

Peach Midi Skirt 10

Peach Midi Skirt 13

Peach Midi Skirt 16

Peach Midi Skirt 26

Peach Midi Skirt 18

Peach Midi Skirt 21

Peach Midi Skirt 22

Peach Midi Skirt 24

Peach Midi Skirt 25

Peach Midi Skirt 28

Bonne Soiree Bellas.


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