Greens, Browns and Rustic Gold

Green Pants 2

Hello Loves,

Posting about colored denim pants today. This has been the fashion favorite of every girl since the last couple of years and guys working in IT. Trust me I see all my developer friends wearing colored pants to work. But, well this is the silicon valley and who’s to judge all the tech geniuses here ;).

Living in San Francisco, I constantly look for outfits which look cute and protect me from the great wild wind which blows through the city alleys everyday. As you can see my hair is flying all over the place in these pics  since I decided to do this shoot in SF city and it was really windy that very day. However, “No wind and cold ain’t gonna stop me”. For my grammar fanatic friends who are like me, I know I used a double negative there (sometimes it’s just more fun talking this way) :p. So, since my hair was a royal mess after a couple of pics, I decided to cover it with this cute hat I brought from the streets of Santa Monica (I have seen the street vendors selling some of the best hats of all times there). If you haven’t visited Santa Monica yet, its the mecca of Beach Body (For my Insanity and T25 lovers, you know what I am referring to). The streets are lined up with classy restaurants, street vendors selling fashionable stuff, beautiful beaches and really hot bods.
So, coming back to my original chain of thought. The green denim pants I am wearing are from GAP and the black tank top is from A’GACI. This top has a really cute back (check out the last pic). After much persuasion from one of my blogger friends and the realization that I don’t usually buy a lot of edgy stuff, I decided to buy these online from Lulu’s. And guess what, I totally adore them and can’t stop wearing them. I am wearing rustic gold bracelets that I brought from Accessorize in Dubai and Rayban Aviator Sunglasses. The rustic gold necklace I am wearing is from Top Shelf Style (really cute boutique in SF). Also, I love this brown leather Michael Kors Tote Bag. I carry this to work and it fits in my laptop and looks really neat with all my business casual ensembles. It’s definitely been one of my best investments. Sorry about the long post, but so much to share and such little time ;). Don’t forget to checkout all the pictures below.

Green Pants 1

Green Pants 3

Green Pants 11

Green Pants 9

Green Pants 10

Green Pants 12

Green Pants 14

Green Pants 17

Green Pants 18

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