Sunkissed Summer Makeup

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With memorial day weekend around the corner, I wanted to post something for summer makeup essentials. Let’s face it, the natural sun-kissed summer look that we see in magazines, isn’t quite natural after all. Whether, you are going away on a beach getaway, barbecuing with friends on someone’s patio or visiting a new city you definitely need these makeup essentials in your bag.



Step 1: Toner
Start with putting some toner on your face in order to prepare it for all the products and to hydrate your skin.
My recommendation: The Murad Toner is great and smells really good.


Step 2: Sunscreen
Next, the king of all summer makeup essentials – sunscreen. It’s so important that you wear sunscreen everyday to protect your skin.
My recommendation: The Ole Henrikson sunscreen is great for your face since it’s really gentle and not greasy like regular sunscreens.


Step 3: Tinted Moisturizer
You want to keep your summer makeup to a bare minimum, since the last thing you want is for your makeup to start melting down by the heat. Start by applying some tinted moisturizer to even out your skin-tone. Make sure you choose the right shade for your skin so that it blends well.
My recommendation: The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer has worked wonders for me.


Step 4: Blush
Finally, use a blush which is more of a shade of peach to get those sun-kissed cheeks.
My recommendation: This peach blush from Dior adds natural color to your cheeks.


Step 5: Concealer
To get the nude summer look for your eyes, start with using concealer above and beneath your eyes and to cover other blemishes on your face.
My recommendation: Makeup Forever concealer


Step 6: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Mascara
Apply some taupe matte eye shadow for a neutral eye. Use brown eyeliner so that your eyes don’t look too dramatic and top it with waterproof mascara.


Step 7: Lips and Nails
Lastly, apply some balm to your lips, gloss can be sticky and it can melt down due to the heat which is not very appealing. Paint your nails nice and bright to complete that summer look. Neon nailpaints are really big this year, so definitely try that out.
My recommendation: Clinique baby pink balm, Marc Jacobs Neon Nailpaint


Hope you all enjoyed reading my first post. Do post your views in the comments section. I would love to hear back from you.


Have a great weekend.







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