Florals and Polka Dots

Florals and Polka Dots 5Hello My Lovelies,

Happy new year and hope you had a good time. I had a blast in Costa Rica and I’m super excited to post about my travel expeditions. Really happy to be back to home though. I’ve missed my bed and wardrobe. So today I wanted to post about this cute floral dress I wore with polka dotted tights and boots. I also wanted to post about my collab with AIBI Watches. I wear it with so many outfits and it goes really well with everything.

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Pastels and Sparkles

Pink Skirt Holiday Outfit 13

Hello Pretty Girls,

With the holidays coming up, I am sure all of you are looking for that perfect outfit with the right amount of sparkle, glitter and glam. I would be posting a series of outfit posts to give you ideas for some fun holiday outfits.

My first outfit here is something I put together with a combination of light pastels and whites. Also, so much fun doing a collab with Mod&Soul. They had the perfect sparkly pieces to glam up my outfit. Keep reading for more style tips on putting together a holiday outfit 🙂

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The Classic Midi Skirt

Hello Chicas,

Blue Midi and Pink Lace Top 1


The midi skirt is a fashion trend I’ve been wanting to try since ages. I love wearing outfits which are very feminine and elite and I think the midi skirt does exactly that for you. Also, to add on to that it suits all kind of silhouettes, whether you are petite or tall. Now, lets talk length   Continue reading