2 Days in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague 13

Hi Travelers,

How was your weekend? I had the chance to visit the beautiful city of Prague last year during my Eurotrip. A paradise for the aimless wanderer – this city that takes you back in time, with its grand castles, cobble streets, art and music. The Czechs have been famous for producing some of the world’s finest brews in the world and needless to say the best beer I’ve had so far has been in Prague. I stayed at a wonderful Hotel U KRÁLE KARLA in Prague. This was walking distance to the castle and was located in a gorgeous location. The room was beautifully decorated in ancient style and they even serve you a glass of sparkling wine upon checking in.

Prague 18

Day 1:

Since I only had 2 days to explore this city, my first day was spent in exploring the castle area.

1. Prague Castle

Prague 3

Prague 4

Prague 5

Prague 6

This is Prague’s most famous attraction. It’s beautiful palaces and towers dominate the city skyline like a fairy tale fortress. This is not just one castle, but a number of attractions within it’s walls. Buy the ticket for “Zone B” while visiting as it includes all the major attractions you should be seeing while visiting. Do not buy the tickets online as it’s extremely difficult to get the paper ticket from a convenient location while you’re there. I had to buy my tickets again at the castle since my online purchase didn’t work.

2. St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague 14

Prague 12

Prague 11

This is included in ticket B. One of the richest cathedrals of central Europe. It has beautiful renaissance and baroque details.

3. The Royal Palace

Prague 7

Prague 9

Included in ticket B.

4. Golden Lane

Prague 17

Prague 16

I loved this attraction. This was a street inside the castle consisting of colorful houses. It consists of small ancient houses showing us the way of the life back in time. It had a seamstress’s house, a goldsmith etc.

5. Lobkowicz Place Cafe

You can get lunch or coffee at the cafe here. Start making your way back through the castle’s courtyards to Hradcanské námestí, from which you’ll be able to see Prague in its panoramic beauty.

6. Church of St. Nicholas

Prague 37

7. The Lennon Wall

Prague 21

This is a famous wall in Prague filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti. You can get a lot of shots in fun postures here :).

8. The Petrín Lookout Tower

Prague 38

You need to take the funicular to get up here. You can see some beautiful views of the city from up here. You can always go here after sunset if you want some night shots.

Day 2

On the second day, I took a walking tour in Prague and it was one of the best ways to see the city. I made a lot of new friends and learnt about the history of all their attractions. At the end of the tour, we stopped by for a cold beer and hung out.

1. Charles Bridge

Prague 26

Prague 25

Strolling across Charles Bridge is everybody’s favourite Prague activity. Along the bridge you can get some gorgeous shots of the city. The bronze statues all along the bridge are awesome. Also, you can hangout here watching street artists and musicians. One tip would be to go here early in the morning if you want some good shots. This bridge gets very very crowded and it’s extremely hard to get a good shot here during the day. It almost reminded me of Times Square when I was walking here during the day.

2. Mala Strana

Prague 20

This means “little side of the river” in Czech. Stroll over here and enjoy the beautiful views.

3. Old Town Square

Prague 29

Prague 28

Prague 27

This is the historic center of Prague. The main attraction here is the Astronomical Clock located at the center of the square. This clock rings ever hour. For 45 seconds you can see the clock in action and this is one of the best known European tourist attractions. Every part of the clock means something. On the hour, Death rings a bell and inverts his hourglass, and the 12 Apostles parade past the windows above the clock, nodding to the crowd.

4. Týn Church

Prague 36

Prague 23

This is located in the Old Town square. Though impressively Gothic on the outside, the church’s interior is smothered in heavy baroque.

5. Municipal House

Prague 34

Prague 35

This is Prague’s most exuberantly art-nouveau building.  I saw this during my walking tour but unfortunately could not see this from within. If you have time and are into art, I would suggest you can go inside and check it out. It even has a nice cafe to get some coffee and pastries.

6. Estates Theatre

Prague 33

Mozart personally conducted the premiere of Don Giovanni at this theatre.

7. Powder Gate

Prague 39

This is a beautiful gate standing tall at the entrance of the Charles Bridge. You can go atop this for views of the city to take pictures.

8. The Dancing House

You can go here if time permits. This is at the outskirts of the city and you either have to take a train or a cab in order to get here. This is just a building where the tower is shaped like a woman wearing a skirt

9. Kampa

Prague 24

Prague 22
You have to eat these when in Prague. They are rolls filled with ice cream. Delicious..!!
Prague 19
What’s better than Absinth ice cream 😀

Kampa is the Lesser Town embankment of the Vltava, with a series of quaint shops and restaurants. You can reach it by taking the stairs down from Charles Bridge. For dinner: Riverside table at elegant Na Kampe or Hergetova Cihelna (cheaper).

So that’s what I did while visiting this beautiful city. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for stopping by.

Here are a few more pictures I took while exploring the city:

Prague 2
View of the beautiful buildings from a street

Prague 10

Prague 8
Gorgeous stained glass window in a church
Prague 30
This statue in the middle of the city is open to interpretation. What do you think it means? 🙂
Prague 1
Love street musicians in summer

Thanks for visiting.



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