Seville, Spain in a day

Seville in a day


Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post on “Madrid in 2 days” last week. So from Madrid, I headed down south towards the very beautiful city of Seville (pronounced Seviya). Seville was everything Madrid wasn’t. It’s known as the “Frying Pan” of Spain and is located in the Andalusian region. I loved this place as it gave me the actual flavor of Spain that Madrid lacked. The weather was nice and warm (can get really hot in summer), the streets and buildings were beautiful, the sangria strong and the tapas hot. If you want to see a Flamenco show in Spain – I would highly suggest you do so in the South. One of the mistakes I made was not spending enough time in Seville. I would highly suggest you spend at-least 2 days here. But if you were on a time crunch like me, follow my itinerary below:

Where to Stay:

Seville in a small city. Stay anywhere near the Barrio Santa Cruz neighborhood and you should be good. We stayed here in a Air B and B and had an absolutely wonderful host.

Seville 1

How to get here and travel within the city:

Seville 21

Sevilla has a small airport you can fly into. The nearest train station from the Santa Cruz neighborhood is Santa Justa. I took the train to Granada from here.Β  Everything else is within walking distance. Also, there are trains which run within the city. There are even horse carriages to get you to your hotel if you are too tired to walk.


Seville 19

I reached Seville by mid morning. After dropping off our luggage and freshening up I was all set to explore the city.

1.Seville Cathedral

Seville 16

It’s a beautiful cathedral located in the center of the city. I would suggest you buy your tickets for this beforehand. Your ticket also includes free entrance to the Baroque masterpiece, the Iglesia del Salvador. You can also visit the Torre Giralda – tower on the NE side of the cathedral. The hike to Giralda is included in your entrance to the cathedral. If yo don’ t want to climb on a hot day, save your energy and enjoy the view from Patio de los Naranjos.

Cost: 9 €

2. The Royal Alcazar of Seville

Seville 7

Seville 8

Seville 10

Seville 12

Seville 22

This is a beautiful palace built by the Sultan of Seville back in the day. Every part of this palace has a story in itself and is mesmerizing. Also, added incentive – Game of Thrones was shot here. Can you guess which city? Also, again buy the tickets for this online and save time by not standing in line for 2 hours on a hot day. This is beautifully lit up at night as well, so do walk by the Alcazar at night.

Cost: 9.5 €

3. Barrio Santa Cruz

Seville 5

Seville 2

Seville 3

This is the prettiest neighborhood I’ve every seen. Every lane is different and colorful. It’s full of cute shops, musicians, street artists and fun restaurants. At night, this city has a different charm all together. Since the Spanish dinners run late, everything is open till very late. Dinner generally starts at 9 PM and goes on till midnight and more. Also for tapas, do try the Spanish omelette.

Cost: Free

4. Plaza De Espana

Seville 6

This is a beautiful plaza. About 1.7 kms from the Santa Cruz neighborhood. You can walk through the Jardines de Murillo and then onto Plaza De Espana.

Cost: Free

5. Flamenco Show

Seville 17

Seville 18

So I researched quite a bit before my trip to find the perfect Flamenco show that gave conveyed the true essence of the art form without burning a hole in my pocket. Museo del baile was the perfect experience. There were 4 artists (2 dancers and 2 musicians). They were full of energy and enthusiasm and even though I can’t speak good Spanish they conveyed a lot of emotions via their expressions. There is a bar at the back, where you can purchase drinks. Get here early to find good seats and get an unobstructed view. Here is the link to buy the tickets.

Cost: 20 €

Hope you enjoy visiting the Andalusian capital of the country. Happy to answer any questions πŸ™‚






  • Yamini

    Ankita this looks like a dreamy town.The pics are so well shot.Seville,never heard of this place but after seeing your pics I want to go there.That black dress looks so good on you.You totally rocked it darling.

  • Chayani

    Wow lovely post ankita..☺ didn’t know about this place .. but it seems beautiful ..and you looking gorgeous in black.. happy weekend sweets..

    • ankitamiharia

      Thank you so much. I loved Seville. Barcelona had a different vibe all together. If Barca is like New York, Seville is more like San Diego. A smaller and chilled out version. But it was gorgeous πŸ™‚

  • Brooke

    Looks lovely-Seville is a place I continue to miss, even though I’ve been in Spain 5 months out of the past 12. There are so many similar charming Andalucian cities I guess i figured I can go any time. But I need to make that a reality. I’m hoping to stop there on the way to Jerez, in September (summer is too hot for me!)

    Lovely photos.
    If you haven’t been to Cordoba, it’s like a very small intimate version of Sevilla with less of the grandiose and more of the tiny streets winding around and around but still with an epic mosque to visit and tons of good food.

    • ankitamiharia

      Ahh yes Seville was beautiful. I was contemplating between Ibiza and Seville and ended up opting for Seville as I wanted to experience the southern Spain feeling in the city. Hope you get to go there soon and yes agreed – summers are blazing hot there.
      Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Corodoba this time. But perhaps next time I visit Spain πŸ™‚

  • Laura

    Seville looks amazing! I’ve heard only good things about this place so far and I can’t wait to experience it myself πŸ™‚ Great article!

    • ankitamiharia

      Thank you so much for stopping by. It is indeed a very beautiful town. Has the typical southern Spain feel you it that you see in movies. I loved every minute of the time I was there. Hope you get to visit soon πŸ™‚


    Very thorough and insightful tips! I really appreciate how a lot of the things you mention are free. I am all about that free life πŸ˜‰ The less you pay during the day, the more you can splurge on food… my favorite! haha

    I am so happy that I found your blog; it’s fabulous! I’ll be sure to give your blog and read through and connect via social media. Fab post! Have a great day xx

    • ankitamiharia

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I loved Seville and yes totally, sometimes the best things you experience in a city are free. I totally splurged on food in this trip as I loved the Paella and Sangria you get in Spain and I don’t regret it one bit. My belly came home happy πŸ™‚
      Glad you like the blog. I loved yours too and hoping to read all the interesting articles you will keep posting about πŸ™‚

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